Sip Coffeebar’s new website!

Sip Coffeebar’s new website is here! We have put a lot of work into making SiP Coffeebar the best place for you to enjoy yourself and relax, and a big part of that experience is convenience. We know how busy life can be whilst always ‘on the go’. So we have optimized our new website to work on all digital platforms so you get the best experience possible. No matter if you are at home on your desktop computer or running around town with your mobile device in hand, you will see that this website is a breeze to click around and get the information you need. We at SiP Coffeebar love simplicity, so we have extended that to you on our new website, by offering the most useful information right at your fingertips.

SiP Coffeebar’s new website home page offers the most recent information including our featured special that is updated daily, our store hours that are updated seasonally, and the latest blog post excerpt on the home page which links to the blog page with the latest Sip Coffeebar news, events, and announcements. Going further into the site, you will find a fully customized menu page that is always up to date with delicious SiP Coffeebar drinks, fresh baked goods, and wholesome, delicious meals. The contact page is where you can go to find a map to our store location, address, and contact information, as well as a contact form to drop us a quick message. The about page has a bit of history about how Sip Coffeebar came to be, information about our products, a list of SiP Coffeebar recommended links, and a short interactive FAQ section. Need an event catered? Check out our catering page and let us be honored by catering that special event for you.